June 15, 2012

On the Go Snacks

I am not a supporter of only eating three meals a day.  I have always had a good relationship with food and in the last three years I have been able to know (through how my body responds) what works for me and what doesn't. I cannot stress enough that everyone is different and everyone's bodies handle food in different ways.  Some people can tolerate, without consequence, eating a lot of a certain food, while others cannot.  If we just eat all the time and do not think about what we are eating and the positive or negative result, then there is an element of naivete on our part.  Food is what fuels us through our day - it has the power to either support healthy and positive energy, or can result in the opposite - poor, addictive choices that cause continual cravings and inflammation. 

I rarely leave home without a snack in my purse because I want to ensure that I make good choices.  That said, I know that I make bad food choices when I am hungry.  For example, at the end of the school day and I have eaten all the healthy food I brought with me - this is never a good situation for me.  Another example would be if I go grocery shopping after school - the combination of being hungry and having the choice of many different foods usually results in a poor choice.  I won't give you the details of what I eat because I am slightly embarrased to admit it.  I try to make good choices, but I am definitely not without fault in this area.  I KNOW THAT HAVING A SNACK WITH ME CAN HELP PREVENT BUYING SOMETHING THAT IS BAD FOR ME!

After talking with Michael the last few days, we came up with a few snack ideas that are portable and can be eaten without cutlery.  I know I am sending you all over the web here, but I want to make sure you have access to the recipes so you can make them yourself.
Do you have any snacks that you like?  Leave a comment and let us know! HAPPY SNACKING!

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