About Me

Like most Canadian children born in the 1980's I ate what was suggested by the Canadian Food Guide. I have great memories of family meals every night. We always had a glass of milk, salad, some kind of vegetable and meat, as well as a starch (usually rice or potatoes). This was a well-balanced meal.

My mother always made sure we were well fed and taught me everything she knew about cooking and baking. I was happy to help her measure, mix and bake cookies, cakes, biscuits and many other delicious items, which we all ate without hesitation. The best of times were when Grandma visited and we would make cinnamon buns, donuts and perogies from scratch. Growing up I knew very well that baked goods could actually be made and not just bought at the store. My mother planted a seed and she still, to this day, samples the baking I make.

My baking is different than that which we made together while I was growing up; it has grown and evolved to include different ingredients like almond and coconut flour. Since 2009, I have focused on using only gluten-free ingredients.  Along with the encouragement and support of my close friends and family, I now make informed decisions about what I eat based on my own personal learning, experience, and discussions with others. It is here, on this blog, that I wish to share what I have learned and created, and continue to evolve my love for cooking and baking.