October 16, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes - Best Saved for Special Occasions

I made chocolate coconut flour cupcakes with Cheryl yesterday and we decorated them to look like Angry Birds.  We did this for her four year old son, who was thrilled with the results.  He was our little helper yesterday when we were decorating.  What a great opportunity for him to get involved, help his mom and I, and to create his very own cupcakes that would be served to his friends today.  This is what I loved about the whole experience -  he knows that if he wants cupcakes, he can actually make them!  This is exactly what my mom taught me.  Yes, it is easier to go to the store and buy a cake or cupcakes, but that takes all the fun and learning out of it.  For me, baking is my fun and sharing that with Cheryl and B was a great experience.

Now, the problem is that baking usually equals sugar.  Whether it's agave nectar or honey or any other sweetener, it all boils down to having very little nutritional value for us.  The lesson: sugary treats have to be saved for special occasions.  If you plan on trying Elana's chocolate coconut flour cupcake recipe, chocolate cupcakes, trust that the cupcake will be enough of a treat for you.  If you eat too many of these cupcakes with the icing and the decorations, you risk turning into quite an angry bird. And trust me, nobody likes an angry bird!

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